Deal Share Offers Launches Ultimate Hyper-Local Discount Program

Posted on August 1, 2013

DealShareOffers(dot)com was originally started as an outgrowth of the work Maria Paladino-Fitz has done over the past 20 years with local area businesses and professional practices through her full-service, New Jersey-based advertising agency, Media Consultants, LLC.

First launched in 2012 as a totally web based business, Deal Share Offers has since migrated into a print and digital marketing product that is literally hitting the local streets by storm.

“With the development of our new Deal Share Offers Co-Op Program, we are able to deliver the best value to our advertisers along with completely measurable results,” said Paladino-Fitz. “We saw the need for a truly hyper-local program that offers consumers quick access to money-saving discounts and area merchants are embracing the opportunity to bring new customers in the door.”

She explained that Deal Share Offers serves both consumers and advertisers in multiple ways that make it unique:

•The hyper-local nature of the program provides a more user friendly experience, which is extremely attractive to local patrons, as opposed to other deal sites and programs that cover broader geographic areas. Unlike regional daily deal programs, Deal Share Offers gives area residents coupon choices they are more likely to redeem because the stores and restaurants are conveniently located in their own communities, not across the county or in different areas of the state.

•As a true co-operative program, the 12 participating merchants who share the advertising space, all agree to support and cross-promote one another by assisting in the distribution of the more than 5,000 coupon sheets by prominent placement of a counter-top display that invites interaction and encourages consumer participation.

•Businesses enjoy an extended expiration period with a minimum of six weeks for customers to redeem the coupons, while the offers are continuously promoted through a strong presence on social media.

•Consumers have multiple ways to receive and redeem coupons. In addition to on-location distribution through participating businesses, coupon displays are also positioned at other select high-traffic locations within the local community.

•Additional coupons can be printed directly from the website or can be conveniently delivered digitally to any inbox just by joining the optional mailing list. Consumers who choose to go online at www[dot]DealShareOffers[dot]com can also download offers from neighboring communities and see the most current digital deals, including a variety of online coupon promo codes.

•Browse the gift ideas section of the website to find a unique array of discounts offered by national brand affiliates, which are continuously updated, thus encouraging repeat website visits by consumers.

To promote the business, Paladino-Fitz sponsors monthly contests and sweepstakes giveaways on the Deal Share Offers Facebook page and on Twitter. She also applies her years of experience as a media buyer and planner by promoting DealShareOffers(dot)com throughout northern New Jersey via YouTube and though local TV commercials on Comcast; the spots air daily on the Cooking Channel, Food Network, News12, Biography, Animal Planet, MLB, and YES Network.

A long-time Bloomfield resident, Paladino-Fitz has lent her professional and personal support to town programs and initiatives such as Bloomfield Restaurant Week, which her agency, Media Consultants, is helping to promote.

Deal Share Offers will have a booth at the upcoming Bloomfield HarvestFest on September 28 and 29 and will be giving out coupons, raffle prizes, and other free giveaways.

A Deal Share Offers free smartphone app will launch in August and will be available through the App store.

“Everybody loves coupons and discounts,” said Paladino-Fitz. “And this new program is one of our most innovative and smartest marketing ideas yet.”

Watch for Deal Share Offers in your local community as the company plans to expand its service across all of North Jersey in the months to come.

Deal Share Offers is approved by the Better Business Bureau. For more information about Deal Share Offers call 973-517-1022 or visit www[dot]DealShareOffers[dot]com or Facebook.


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